​​Commerce Roaring Tiger Band

A Taste of Commerce

When:  Saturday, April 13, 2019
Hours:  2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.
Where:  Downtown Commerce, on the Square
What: A fundraiser for the Commerce Band Boosters (in conjunction with the CISD Bike Rodeo)

Why should my restaurant participate?

  • Introduce yourself to new customers (band families, college students, Commerce residents)
  • Support a worthy cause...Commerce Band Students
  • Provide incentive for people to stay in Commerce to attend a new festival
  • Advertising provided at no cost to you:
    • Full page ad for your restaurant in the Taste of Commerce Program
    • Color Poster in your restaurant advertising your participation in this event
    • Up to 20 “Table Tents” provided for your restaurant advertising your participation in this event
    • Opportunity to add your “swag” in the ToC Swag Bag given to each customer at no extra cost to you (e.g. coupons, menus, magnets,  business cards). Simply provide your swag to us before the day of the event and we’ll add it to our Taste of Commerce Swag Bags. Each ticketed customer will be given this bag.
    •  Be named “Best of.. “ in one of several categories, voted by ticket holders. Each category winner will receive a Taste of Commerce certificate to display in your restaurant.  You might be voted winner of the Grand Prize, “Best Taste of 2019” to display in your restaurant for the next year!

What does my restaurant have to do?

  • Provide one “taste” of your food for 300 ticketed guests
  • Have fun meeting new customers and visiting with old friends at this new Commerce festival
  • Set up booth with tent/canopy covering 

How will this work?

  • Sign up for a booth space on our website
  • Prepare your tastes and your booth set up​
  • On Saturday, April 13, set up on the Square in your assigned spot anytime after 12:00 noon and be ready to serve from 2-4 p.m
  • Band students will sell 300 tickets for Tastes
  • ​Ticket holders can visit each booth between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. You will punch the spot on the ticket for your restaurant.  Each ticket holder gets one taste per restaurant.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people will be there?

  • We plan to sell 300 tickets.  
  • We hope about 100 kids and their families will be participating in the Commerce ISD Bike Rodeo happening on the Square at the same time.  
  • Musicians from the band will be performing throughout the event.  
  • Commerce Chevrolet will be doing a Drive for the Band new car test drives also in downtown Commerce at the same time!  
  • We will be advertising the event heavily in the Commerce community so we hope lots of people will come to join in the fun!

Can we sell other food too?

  • No, not at this event.  We want you to showcase your best flavor and encourage people to come to your restaurant to buy more of your food.  

  • The Band Boosters will be selling soft drinks and waters, so we ask that our restaurants please do NOT provide drinks to allow us to maximize our profits for the band students

Moving everything to the Square might be a lot of work for us…

  • Energetic band students are ready to help you!
    • If you request help, we will assign up to 3 band students and one adult to help you move items from your restaurant to the Square, assist you throughout the event, and help with clean up and help with your return back to your restaurant.  We have many willing hands that look forward to helping you however we can.

How big should the “Taste” of food be?
We suggest a small taste about the size of the cup or paper food boat in this packet. You can provide a bigger taste if you want, of course.  

What if it rains?
This is a “Rain or Shine” event.  We will not reschedule. Each restaurant and vendor can choose to set up or not based on the weather conditions.   

This will be clearly explained on the tickets. People who purchase the tickets will understand this a fundraiser for the Band and if the day is a total wash out the band will still profit from the advance ticket sales/donations.  

How much will tickets cost? Who sells the tickets?
$20 in advance / $25 on the day of the event.  The band students will handle all ticket sales, restaurants don’t have to worry about a thing.

We don’t have a canopy for our booth space and don’t want to purchase one.  What should I do?
Let us know when you register!  The Boosters will help you find one to borrow for the event.

Is this donation tax deductible?  
Maybe. We hope so!  
The Commerce Band Boosters have applied for 501-c3 status and our last step in the process has been submitted to the state.  So we HOPE to have this finalized by the day of the event. We will let you know if we receive this status that would allow this donation to be tax deductible.  

Will alcohol be sold at the event?
No. Not this year...maybe in the future.  

How big is my booth space?  
10 ft wide, 12 ft deep

Will there be electricity?  
Most booths will have electricity, some will not.  You will need an extension cord. Sign up quickly to reserve a spot with electricity if you require it.  

Will there be water?
Yes, we will supply Health Department compliant, “Food Grade” hoses on the Square and the required Hand Washing Stations.  (See map)

How many restaurants will be there?
We plan for 20 restaurant booths this year.
We are offering other vendor spaces for a donation the Band Boosters.

Will all of the restaurants be from Commerce?
We are asking Commerce restaurants first.  They have priority sign up until Feb 25th.  . If 20 Commerce restaurants do not choose to fill our spaces, we will then open registration up to other nearby restaurants.  

How do I sign up?
Click on the Taste of Commerce bar at the top of this page and then Registration.

I have more questions?  How do I get answers?
Contact us:  Melinda Reid, Taste of Commerce Chair at:
Email:   tasteofcommerce@gmail.com
Phone/Text: 903-366-6493